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Parking Garage Access
  • Tenants who purchase monthly parking privileges are provided a parking garage access card.
  • The access card is swiped and access provided to the parking garage at either of the garage entries off of Chestnut or Delaware.
  • All daily parkers will pull a ticket at the entry to the garage on the 6th floor.
  • Tenants with active keycards will not be required to submit to having their vehicles and possessions searched. However, the building reserves the right to search the contents of any vehicle at any time.
  • Upon entering the building from the parking garage via the garage elevators, Tenant monthly parkers and Tenant daily parkers may proceed directly from the parking garage to their suite without checking in at any of the building entrances security desks.
  • Tenant guests who park daily in the parking garage must check in at the Chestnut lobby for access to the tower floors of the building.
  • Tenants can contact the parking garage manager at 312.944.5994 for rates and services.
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