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Building Management and Security will make every effort to provide a safe and problem-free environment for its Tenants. Individual Tenants are responsible for their demised space.

The following is a list of suggestions which will help secure your office:

  • Keep corridor doors closed. Receptionist and other personnel nearest your corridor doors should be alert for unauthorized visitors. Make sure that the corridor door is closed and locked when leaving at night. Do not depend upon the door closer when leaving at night. When there is no one in the office, do not leave the door unlocked, even for a short time.
  • Handbags, coats and other articles of value should not be left unguarded in reception rooms, even for a few minutes. Portable articles, when left on desks or in open drawers, or even in unlocked drawers are easy for the expert sneak thief.
  • If your firm plans to close for a special holiday or plans an early closing on a particular day, notify the post office to discontinue deliveries. Delivered items outside the door are a sure tip off that the premises are unoccupied. Theft from within the building is possible. Also, please be sure to notify The Office of the Building.
  • Special care should be taken during the times best suited for pilferage the 30 minutes just after opening, at lunch hours and before closing when there is maximum movement of personnel and absence from work areas and offices.
  • Serial numbers of major office equipment should be recorded to aid police in recovering property in the event of loss or theft. All easily removable equipment should be kept in locked storage overnight.

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